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ปั๊มน้ำ Submersible
 ปั๊มน้ำ Submersible Pump ขนาด 4 นิ้ว
These pump are operating down in a well completely submerged into the water. They represent the highest peak of modern technology applied to water raising. Very simple to be used they also have the great advantage to keep the highest performance even after years and years of constant work.
The pump
The pump is the centrifugal multistage type eith radial Semiradial impellers. The whole pump part is made of stanless steel and has water lubricated rubber bearings.
The pump body is constructed in stages. The impellers are aplined to the pump shaft or secured with split cones. The intermediate chamber has a built-in sand shield and guide vane, segmented with doublecurved blades.
The discharge part has internal pipe thread or flange. A non-return value is built into the top of the pump.
The suction interconnector is fitted with a strainer. In the small submersible pumps, the bottom end of the pump shaft is fitted with a priming screw which protects against running without water.
Submersible pumps of A1-A14 series are working down in the well completely submerged into the water. The well must be minimum 4" Ø. Starting electric boards, special submerged electric cable as well as other pertinent accessories available on demand.

A wide range of flow rates, with heads up to 245 metres, offers a variety of applications, particulary with :   
  • Water systems for civil and industral use.
  • Sprinkle and flood type irrigation systems.
  • Municipal water systems.
  • Fire-fighting systems.
  • Pressurization systems.
  • Other various industrial applications.
ปั๊มน้ำ Submersible ขนาด 6 นิ้ว
            Our precision stamped stainless steel submersible pumps provide the features of significant performance, sturdy and light, quick and reliable assembly, peak hydraulic efficiency, corrosion resistance, smooth surface and vibration-free running.

            These pumps eith the highest international quality are to be your best choice for the applications in the agricultural industry and the high building water-pumping system, as booster pumps.
  1. Stainless steel Valve guide
  2. NBR/Stainless steel Valve seat
  3. Stainless steel Strap and screw
  4. NBR/Stainless steel Neck ring
  5. Stainless steel Suction strainer
  6. Stainless steel Coupling and shaft
  7. NEMA suction inter Connector
  8. Stainless steel Diffuser
  9. Stainless steel Impeller and split cone
  10. NBR Intermediate Bearing
  11. Stainless steel Valve cone
  12. Stainless steel Valve casing
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